PSC Previous Question Paper

1. Which of the following metals has the highest density?
A. Iron B. Mercury C. Osmium D. Lead E. Silver
2. Ricket is caused by the deficiency of:
A. vitamin E B. vitamin D C. vitamin C D. vitamin D E. vitamin A
3. Which of the following richest in protein content?
A. Wheat B. Tomato C. Apple D. Egg white E. Yolk of egg
4. The disease caused by iodine deficiency :
A. Goitre B. Pollo C. Jaundice D. Anaemia E. Night blindness
5. Which of the following is mammal?
A. Frog B. Tortoise C. Crab D. Bat E. Snake
6. The layer in the atmosphere that protects earth from ultraviolet radiation
A. Oxygen belt B. Milky way C. Galaxy D. Nitrogen layer
E. Ozone layer
7. Which of the following metals is not an element?
A. Iron B. Silver C. Bronze D. Mercury E. Gold
8. An intern for projecting images of objects is:
A. Epidiascope B. Periscope C. Microscope D. Telescope
E. Kaleidoscope
9. The largest of the planets known so far
A. Mercury B. Jupiter C. Satum D. Uranus E. Venus
10. With which organ is the disease trachoma connected?
A. Brain B. Skin C. Liver D. Heart E. Eye
11. Which of the following persons resisted the power of the Dutch?
A. Pazhassi Raja B. Kunjali Marakkar C. Marthandavarma
D. Velu Thampi E. Rajakesavadasan
12. The last French settlement in India was at
A. Goa B. Daman C. Mahe D. Anchuthengu E. Thalassery
13. The revolution took place in the:
A. 16th century B. 17th century C. 18th century D. 19th century
E. 20th century
14. The largest continent:
A. Africa B. Asia C. Antarctica D. North America E.. South Africa
15. Tipu Sultan’s attempt to invade the ancient states of Kerala was defeated by:
A. Marthandavarma B. Umayamma Rani C. Dharmaraja
D. Pazhassi Raja E. Shakthan Thampuran
16. The largest land surrender on all sides by the sea
A. Borneo B. New Guinea C. Greenland D. Great Britain
E. Australia
17. Where is the Vivekananda rock situated:
A. Calcutta B. Pondicherry C. Gaya D. Sringeri E. Kanyakumari
18. Which country won the World Cup Football tournament for the first time?
A. Uzbekistan B. Iraq C. China D. Malaysia E. Uruguay
19. The youngest women tennis player who secured the first place in world ranking
A. Steffi Graf B. Monica Seles C. Martina Navaratilova
D. Martina Hingis E. Mary Pierce
20. The centre of Southern Air Command of India is at :
A. Chennai B. Goa C. Thiruvananthapuram D. Kochi E. Hyderabad
21. Which seashore in Kerala is famous for deposit of mineral soil?
A. Vizhinjam B. Varkala C. Chavara D. Kayamkulam E. Kochi
22. The thermal plant for producing electricity is being established in Kerala at:
A. Kayamkulam C. Aluva C. Sabarigiri D. Idukki E. Malappuram
23. The new Naval Academy proposed to be built in Kerala is at:
A. Kochi `B. Vizhinjam C. Alappuzha D. Valapattanam E. Ezimala
24. In Kerala wind energy is used to produce electricity at:
A. Neyyatinkara B. Palakkad C. Kayamkulam D. Idukki E. Thrissur
25. The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is situated at:
A. Visakapatnam B. Sri Harikota C. Mumbai D. Thiruvananthapuram
E. Chennai
26. Of the following which is the most famous fishing centre of Kerala?
A. Neendakara B. Alappuzha C. Kochi D. Kasargode
E. Kozhikode
27. At which place was the International sports stadium constructed in Kerala?
A. Thiruvananthapuram B. Kottayam C. Kochi D. Kollam E. Kozhikode
28. Which is the place proposed for the fourth airport, in Kerala?
A. Kollam B. Kottayam C. Idukki D. Kannur E. Kasargode
29. Which is placed considered as the cultural capital of Kerala?
A. Thiruvananthapuram B. Kottayam C. Kozhikode D. Ernakulam
E. Thrissur
30. The last Diwan of Travancore State
A. Sir T Madhava Rao B. Sir C.P Ramaswami Iyer C. Ramayyan
D. Ragavayya E. Velu Thampi
31. The first Chief Minister of the Travancore – Cochin State was:
A. Pattom Thanupillai B. T.K Narayanapillai C. T.M Varghese
D. C. Kesavan E. A.J John
32. The first Jnanpith Award was received by:
A. M.T Vasudevan Nair B. U R Ananthamoorthi C. S K Pottakkad
D. Thakazhi E. G Shankarakurup
33. Which is the birth place of Sri Narayan Guru?
A. Sivagiri B. Aruvipuram C. Chempazhanthi
D. Kayikkara E. Kalady .
34. Where is the tomb of Kumaran Asan built?
A. Kayikkara B. Varkala C. Kanyakumari D. Kalady
E. Pallana
35. Who is the first lady fro Keral who was appointed as Governor of a State?
A. Anniemascreem B. Fathima Beevi C. Anna Chandy
D. Nabeezathu Beevi E. Akkamma Cherian
36. The author of Nalacharitham Attakatha:
A. Kunjan Nambiar B. Kottayathu Thampuran C. Unnai Warrier
D. Ezhuthachan D. Cherusseri
37. The centre of the Sankrit University in Kerala
A. Thiruvananthapuram B. Kottayam C. Kochi
D. Kalady E. Kozhikode
38. Which of the following books has been translated to the maximum number of languages?
A. Remanan B. Chemmeen C. Karuna
D. Nalukettu E. Indulekha
39. The Odakkuzhal Award is given in memory of
A. Kumaran Asan B. Chempai Vidyanantha Bhagavathar
C. Balamurali Krishna D. Vallathol E. G. Sankarakurup
40. In which year Azad Hind Fauj formed
A. 1942 B. 1943 C. 1944 D. 1945 E. 1941
1. E. Osmium 2. B. Vitamin D
3. D. Egg white 4. A. Goitre ( Affecting the Thyroid gland)
5. D. Bat 6. E. Ozone layer 7. C. Bronze
8. A. Epidiascope 9. B. Jupiter 10. E. Eye
11. C. Marthandavarma 12. C. Mahe 13. C. 18th century
14. B. Asia 15. C. Dharma Raja 16. E. Australia
17. E. Kanyakumari 18. E. Uruguay 19. D. Martina Hingis
20. C. Thiruvananthapuram 21. C. Chavara 22. A. Kayamkulam
23. E. Ezhimala 24. B. Palakkad
25. Thumba in Thiruvananthapuram 26. A. Neendakara, in kollam
27. C. Kochi 28. D. Kannur 29. E. Thrissur
30. B. Sir C.P Ramaswami Iyer 31. B. T.K Narayana Pillai.
32. E. G Sankarakurup in 1965 33. C. Chempazhanthi
34. E. Pallana . He died in 1924
35. B. Fathima Beevi. She has resigned recently as the Governor of Tamil Nadu.
36. C. Unnai Warrier 37. D. Kalady
38. B. Chemmeen 39. E. G.Sankarakurup 40. B. 1943

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