LD Typist Expected Questions

1. In Which year Asian Development Bank launched?
Answer: 1974 (Head Quarter – 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Web: www.adb.org

2.What is the full form of ASEAN?
Answer: Association of South East Asian Nations

(It is a regional organization formed by the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand through the Bangkok Declaration which was signed by the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN countries on 8th Aug.1967.

Aim: To accelerate economic progress and maintain the economic stability of South East Asia.

Web: www.asean.or.id )

3.What is the full form of GCC?

Answer: Gulf Co-operation Council

It aims to boost economic co operation between members and through collective security, to guard against any threat from neighboring states and from Islamic terrorism. The GCC was formed in May 1981.

4.What is the full form of OAPEC?

Answer: Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries.

The organization has 10 members including Egypt which was readmitted in 1989. Other members: Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Libya, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia. www.oapecorg.org

5.What is the full form of OPEC?

Answer: Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Member Countries (13): Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Qatar, Indonesia, Libya, UAE, Algeria, Nigeria, Ecuador and Gabon. www.opec.org

6.Who led Iran’s Islamic revolution?

Answer:- Ayatullah Khomeini

7.Which of these is an island

( Prince of Wales, Prince Geroge, Princess Royal, Prince of Darkness)

Answer: - Prince of Wales.

8.A flagon is ……………

(a. a container for liquids, b. a small flask with a stopper, c. a large fan d. a protein)
Answer: -(a)

9.‘Khammam’ is one of the districts of ……….

( Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, HimachalPradesh)
Answer: -A.P

10.The Nobel peace prize winner whose memoir is titled ‘Iran Awakening’

Answer: - Shirin Ebadi

11.Around sourcing has replaced outsourcing. Who coined the term ‘around sourcing’?
Answer: -Thosmas L. Friedman

12.Koguryo is an ancient kingdom of which country?

Answer: - Korea

13.Expand the initials of S.H.F.J Manekshaw, India’s first Field Marshal.


14.Owen Falls, the world’s greatest man made lake, is in ……….

Answer: - Uganda

15.Which is the most populous city?

Answer: - Tokyo

16.The Mughal Emperor who discouraged ‘Sati’ was……..

Answer:- Humayun

17.Who was called the ‘Second founder of the Maratha kingdom’?

Answer:- Bajirao I

18.A prominent leader of the Ghadar Party was

Answer:- Hardayal

19.Who propounded the theory of ‘Drain of Wealth’ from India to Great Britain?

Answer:- Dadabhai Naoroji

20.Which battle laid the foundation of Mughal rule in India?

Answer:- First Battle of Paniput
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